About Us

Search1 Media LLC was created to be an exclusive freelance Brokerage Service that manages employer projects. We are a member-centric service that offers a range of services through freelancers who come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. This allows us to connect businesses, entrepreneurs, and HR personnel with talent that can allow them to work without boundaries.
With the variety of professionals we have on board, you can get a lot more done not only on time, but without compromising your budget.

Need someone to manage your accounts? We have a freelancer for that.
Don’t have funds to create a marketing team for a business? Hire someone who can create one from scratch for you.
Don’t have time for online research for your e-commerce business? Get a freelancer who has a strong background in content development and social media management to do it for you.
And much more!

Search1 Media LLC makes this process fast, convenient, and cost-effective – three things that can otherwise drain your business resources. Pay for the best professionals and collaborate on complex or labor intensive projects anytime and anywhere.

All you need is a strong internet connection, a PC/laptop, or better yet, just a smartphone to manage your account. We are constantly looking for and implementing innovations that can make the process even easier than it already is.


Flexible and Convenient


We believe that the future is centered on freedom and a lack of boundaries. Without obstacles that can bring down the value of their proposal or work experience, freelancers can bring their work to the fore. That is why we encourage our members to upload their portfolio of work and place bids on projects they wish to do.
In fact, we have adopted this rule at Search1 Media LLC headquarters. There is no such thing as a bad idea when we are brainstorming services that can facilitate freelancers and employers who sign up with us. This collaborative environment allows us to think up solutions that can solve difficult issues without compromising the service we provide.

Why should you look for work in a world that is as interconnected as it is now? Use Search1 Media LLC to tap into a limitless pool of professionals. Find work you are passionate about doing and hire professionals who can help your business grow at the same time. It’s a win-win situation that comes full circle if hire and look for jobs at the same time.

Our aim is to shape the future of collaborative work with new ways to connect and manage projects by empowering you. Join us on our journey by signing up for an account today.