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Search 1 Media LLC is a Digital Marketing company in Erie PA, therefore offering a local solution to businesses in need of SEO, Web Design and all-around digital marketing services.  Above all, we help grow business and subsequently change Entrepreneurs’ lives.

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Firstly, here at Search 1 Media LLC, we believe in top-notch professionalism. Overall, we take pride in what we do, therefore our goal is to stay innovative, effective and to produce results in your Website, SEO and Social Media needs. Nevertheless, We are the go to for your digital solutions.

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By partnering with Search 1 Media, you can focus on most importantly, running your business first. While we handle overall tasks such as improving your website's SEO, designing a visually appealing Website, and actively managing your online presence, your able to do what you love most.

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Firstly, We offer competitive and affordable prices on all of our digital products and services. Ultimately, our goal is to provide high-quality solutions at a price that fits within our customers' budgets.

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In short, our team stays up to date on the latest trends in SEO, web design, and digital marketing. Moreover, we continually test and refine our strategies to ultimately ensure the best results for our clients. Our expertise has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their goals overall, and proving for instance, we do what we say.

About Search 1 Media

Over 30 Years Of combined Sales, Digital Marketing and SEO Experience

Search 1 Media LLC is a Digital Marketing Company that was founded by William Grenaway during 2019 in Erie PA. Firstly, William was a natural in sales early on and therefore gravitated to the car business in 2008 where he eventually began to sell for a local Chrysler dealer.

Furthermore, he marketed himself so well that he not only won many accolades but, he became one of the first African American Sales Managers in Erie’s history. Accordingly, his work in this area was exemplary and it is no wonder that he was promoted so quickly.

After years of learning about marketing and honing his skills, he finally took the leap and founded Search 1 Media. Even though it was not always easy, he persevered and ultimately achieved his goal. Hence, it is clear that he was a true pioneer in the field of marketing.

The company now offers a wide range of services including SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. However, what sets Search 1 Media apart is their focus on providing personal attention to each and every client. Know more

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We offer the most cost-effective service for your business.

Therefore, Search 1 Media is a great option for businesses looking for high-quality services at a lower cost.

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