Terms of Use

The following are general terms and conditions that will be in effect in the absence of any other contractual agreement. Please be advised that any other agreement between us supersedes these terms.

The terms and conditions that are mentioned herein are easy to understand and reliable between the freelancer and his/her client. This document provides the working conditions and terms between the freelancer and the client.


Scope of Work and Future Changes

The freelancer agrees that he/she will provide service to the client according to the scope deadline, price, and quality that is provided in writing via email or via a formal contract. We encourage you to check out the emails that we send for details regarding such contracts, which detail turnaround time and scope of services as well as the payment schedule.

In case there is a change in any of the aforementioned factors that were agreed between the freelancer and the client, payment and service may be negotiated again to account for the changes,


Payments, Deposits, and Invoices

Each invoice will be sent to clients from Search1 Media LLC. Some freelancers may ask for a deposit before starting a project or any work they receive from a client. This may be about 50% of the final payment, but clients have to pay the amount before work can commence.

All payments can be made via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or via debit card. All clients have to make payments once their work has been completed by the freelancer.

Anything else that is not listed under ‘scope’ will not be included but requests for more work will not be ignored. In case a client needs changes made to a project, it should be relayed in writing via email to the freelancer. Once the work has been accepted by the freelancer, any proposed changes may be subject to additional charges. If those alterations compromise completed portion of the work, the client accepts responsibility for paying for the work that was completed to date.

Freelancer Agreement

All freelancers agree to:

  • Provide original and quality work to clients they work with.
  • Carry out and complete work according to the agreed-upon scope, deadline, and prices.
  • Follow and adhere to any special instructions they receive from clients and which they agree upon.
  • Respond to communications within a reasonable amount of time and preferably the same day.

Client Agreement

The client agrees to:

  • Provide complete details of the work that they expect the freelancer to complete. This includes topics, guidance, supporting information, potential ideas and other material that is requested by the freelancer.
  • Provide expected deadline and other relevant information about the work.
  • Answer all questions asked by the freelancer that pertains to the work.
  • Provide quick feedback on work, articles, outlines and other content that is requested by the freelancer.
  • Ensure that the fees and deposits are paid for and invoiced to the freelancer.


In case the work is canceled for any reason whatsoever, the client will be liable to make any payments in full for the completion of the work to date. Any cancellations have to be confirmed in writing and with as much notice as possible.


Copyright Issues

The copyright for any work that is done by the freelancer will remain with the freelancer till he/she is paid for said work in full. When that is done, the full copyright will be transferred to the client at which point the client will take on full ownership and make any alterations to it as they see fit.


All documents and material that the client provides to the freelancer to complete the assigned work will be kept confidential. Any work that is completed by the freelancer will not be distributed or published via online means or otherwise and will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone who is outside Search1 Media LLC. NDA agreements that are provided by the client and signed by the freelancer will supersede this.

The freelancer may link and refer to previous work that is published on the client’s website, social media accounts or portfolio unless requested not to.

Final Acceptance

Once the work has been completed to the client’s satisfaction and it has been paid for in full, the contract will be considered fulfilled. After this is done the freelancer will not be responsible for the work and the client can do with it as they wish.

Liability and Indemnification

The client can hold Search1 Media LLC and the freelancer accountable for any harm or damages that result from the work. However, the freelancer will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or resultant damages that come from the misuse of the work. This includes damages that result from the reliance of the client on the work that was produced, the costs for replacing the work later, data loss or profit loss, business delays and any liability theory that comes out of the use or perception of the freelancer’s work whether he/she has been apprised of the damages or not.